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Count divisors – Hacker earth solution. My first hacker earth solution. Count divisors, Factorial, Toggle String, Roy, and Profile Picture-C++.

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Count divisors

I try to start practicing for data structures and algorithms. So, I chose this Hacker earth platform to practice my logical skills. This is my first problem with Hacker earth. I first start with the basics of input and output. Here are the hacker earth solutions for count divisors, factorial, toggle string, roy and profile picture using c++.
This problem is called count divisors. This is simple we need to find the count of numbers divisible by a number k.
You can find the problem set from here. The solution for the code is


Next is the simple factorial program which gives the factorial of the given number. The problem set is here. The code is below

Toggle string

This probelm is to covert captial letters to small and small letters to capital. This is solved using the ASCII values of the alphabets. The problem set is find here.

Roy and Profile Picture

In this problem, we need to make the profile picture resolution accepted if it is equal or crop it, if it is bigger and upload another if it is small. The problem set is found here.

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